Evaluation System

The school believes in a continuous and comprehensive assessment system, through short evaluation exercises, worksheets and tests.

Academic assessment has the following schedule:

• Class I: Each student is assessed according to the level achieved in various skills and moves up according to his/ her own abilities.

• Class II to IV have a semester system wherein assessment is done through unit tests and class review exercises.

• Class V: The school follows a two semester system. Continuous assessment is done through unit test, class review exercises and terminal evaluations. The conceptual knowledge gained in each term has a 50% weight age.

• The school has already started implementing the CCE system from class VI to class X. Henceforth each academic year has 2 formal exams at the end of each term, called the SA1 and SA2

1. FA1 (Formative Assessment1) April- May

2. FA2(Formative Assessment2)July- August

3. FA3(Formative Assessment3)October- November

4. FA4(Formative Assessment4)January- February

The objective of each Formative Assessment is to focus on a student’s co- curricular abilities in an informal environment which may also include one paper- pen assessment of a unit test.

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