Interactive Labs

Interactive Labs

Mathematics Labs

The Mathematics Lab allows students to develop deep insights into various mathematical concepts by virtual activities, real life applications of concepts and working with various physical models. Students can derive critical insights into important concepts by use of simulations, real life examples and activities.

Integrated Science Labs

Experiments, activities and simulations at the science lab help students to interpret and analyze problems. Students learn by doing rather than by just reading through text books. Hands on activities to build various things based on scientific concepts makes learning interesting and fun.

Robotics Labs

The Robotics Labs is equipped with a complete robotics kit including mechanical tools, manuals and workbooks helping students to apply concepts of science, technology, engineering and mathematics to build interesting and innovative products and applications.

The students are able to trigger higher order thinking skills with an integrated approach to problem solving. They are also able to improve analytical thinking, teamwork skills and effective management of resources.

The robotics lab fuels the spirit of experimentation and exploration amongst the students and creates excitement and a sense of achievement.

Language Labs

The language lab enables students to improvise on their language skills. It lays emphasis on intonation, voice modulation, pronunciation, grammar and listening skills. It trains the students in all aspects of the language such as listening, speaking, reading and writing through a unique blend of instructor led and computer based training.

Physics Labs
Chemistry Labs
Biology Labs
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