GDGIS Udaipur situated in a quiet valley surrounded by the Aravalli hills and is spread over an area of approximately twenty seven acres. It boasts of a lush green campus with well manicured lawns and colourful seasonal flowers adding to the beauty.

The campus has been well designed keeping in mind all the modern facilities are provided for and the students are open to an environment free of pollution and conducive to learning.

The facilities available are as follows:


Classrooms are spacious and centrally air conditioned. The maximum number of students in each class is restricted to 30 so that the teachers give individual attention to each student. Aesthetically designed furniture has been provided in each classroom, keeping in mind the comfort of the child. Each classroom has been tailor made to cater to the creative needs of the students as well as teachers. Each class is provided with pigeon holes for student storage. Each student is assigned an individual locker where they can leave their books and bags as we do not encourage students to carry school work at home.


Information is the heartbeat of meaningful learning in schools. Exponential growth, availability and access to information, particularly electronic information on Internet does not imply learning. At GDGIS libraries we strive to create a learning environment that empowers students to connect with, engage with and utilize this information in meaningful and purposeful ways. Fundamental to this learning environment is the development of a school wide information service where learners have opportunities to access multiple sources and forms of information and the appropriate technologies to do so.

We have developed strong library and information services which are essential to a learning program that values the cognitive, cultural, social, affective, technological and spiritual development of students in a globalized, multicultural and uncertain world. Librarians are actively engaged in the development of curriculum across all learning areas to ensure the integration of information skills, and a carefully planned library program that is implemented collectively and collaboratively.

The school library is categorized into three parts. The upper level is the casual reading area with bean bags and alcove seating whereas the lower level is the formal reading area with a table and chair seating. Last but not the least there is also an outdoor reading deck for the students so that they can sit amidst nature and have fun while reading. The entire library is equipped with Wi-Fi facility. Students are welcome and are encouraged to be in the library to do their research or for general reading.


The School Auditorium is fully air conditioned and equipped with the latest audio as well as video facilities. Our auditorium has a capacity to seat 200 students at a time. The auditorium has anascending seating making it easier for each and every student to see the stage.

Open Air Amphitheatre

The school has an open air amphitheater with a spectacular view of the Arravali hills. It serves as an area for morning assemblies as well as for performances and school functions.


The school Cafeteria with well thought of modern interiors, has an air conditioned indoor seating as well as a semi outdoor seating. Run by a reputed caterer it provides wholesome snacks and drinks in the most hygienic conditions. It offers a variety of nutritive food items. It not only caters to the students and the staff but also the parents and the visitors. The provision for the electric gadgets like microwave, refrigerator etc. adds to the delectable inclusions in the menu. The school cafeteria is always open to changes suggestions with the sole aim to serve the students in the best possible way.


The school is very particular about the hygiene and sanitation standards. A fully fledged housekeeping team is employed to take care of the same. Regular reports and supervision is done to maintain highest cleanliness standards.

Each floor of the Academic wing as well as the Activity Wing has RO water dispensers with disposable glasses. Washrooms for both girls and boys are present on each floor and a dedicated housekeeping staff is there to clean the washrooms at regular intervals. Dustbins are installed in all the buildings as well as in the outdoor areas to minimize littering.


The campus spread over 27 acres provides for ample amount of open spaces for the children to play and run around. Well manicured gardens and beautiful seasonal flowers add on to the beauty of the campus.

The school has over 2000 trees planted in the campus to ensure greenery and purified air at all times.

Along with essential and ornamental trees the campus also has fruit trees planted such as mango, guava, fig, sweet lime, lemon, pomegranate and many more to make the children familiar with nature and they are also instrumental in teaching environmental subjects to children.

Because of so many trees and flowers one can often come across beautiful birds and butterflies fluttering in the campus which also aid teaching students about flora and fauna.

There is also a provision for a vegetable garden where the students can get firsthand experience on farming and agriculture.

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