SPIC MACAY- Kathak Dance Recital by Malti Shyam ji

The school in collaboration with Ashoka Cinemas hosted Society for the Promotion of Indian Classical Music And Culture Amongst Youth- SPIC MACAY’s Shrimati Malti Shyam ji and her team for a Kathak Dance recital. The kids celebrated the Hindu New Year by participating enthusiastically and moving to the Indian-Classical-Lucknowi-Gharana tunes with the graceful Ms. Malti Shyam ji.

Morning Assemblies

The school organizes special morning assemblies on Mondays and Fridays of each week; where the children from each class are given equal opportunities to perform, sing, dance, act and orate. It’s during these assemblies that all special National and International days are celebrated too. The music department in collaboration with the sports department & the class teachers assure that the kids are empowered to perform P.T., drills, Aerobics, Prayers & songs and drama on their own. Lingua Fiesta- Annual Interschool Creative-Linguistic festival This linguistically rich and imaginative interschool competition cum festival at GDGISU observed a participation of more than 15 schools from all over Udaipur. It challenged kids to showcase their eloquence in creative writing- poetry, story; debating, JAM- Just A Minute-extempore and essay writing. The event lasted a day and all the participants showed commendable performances.

Night Camp @ GDGISU & A Trip To Haldighati

This event hosted by the school was one of a kind where all the day boarders came with their parents for the PTM to school and stayed back for the night as their parents parted with them. They watched Bajirao Mastani, played games, ate some fun cuisine and grooved with much cheer and amusement. The next day they visited the museum of Ayad & Haldighati. The little curious brains of GDGISU had an enlightening experience on this weekend.

Vasant Panchami

The school celebrated this day by being dressed up in yellow. The day started with a Rangoli making competition where the kids participated enthusiastically. It was followed by the Vasant Panchami special assembly performance by the kids for their parents. They dramatized their performance by adorning it with bhangra to welcome spring; and dedicated the day to Saraswati- the goddess of knowledge, music, arts, science and technology. The event was adored by the parents as the school was illuminated with kids’ sunniness.

Sky Gazing at Twilight & A hike to the nearby hills

The hostellers were taken for sky gazing at twilight to experience the rare phenomenon that occurred this year for the first time in more than a decade, the five brightest planets in our solar system: Mercury, Venus, Saturn, Mars and Jupiter; aligned making it easy to see with the naked eye. The kids were exhilarated to witness the skies and all the bright stars that shone. A spooky narration also took place before dawn where the kids demystified horror stories and discussed science and technology. Later in the morning the kids went hiking in the nearby hills and tried their stamina at scaling the hills. This engrossed them to exhaustion and they slept hard afterwards. Summertime Pool Bash

The school had organized a pool party by the school swimming pool for all the classes. The kids along with their teachers swam, frolicked, danced, played and reveled in the cool blue water under the sultry sun. They played water-polo and ball games. This mid noon escapade brought much joy and mirth to the kids as they celebrated the sun!

Baisakhi & Ram Navami: The Harvest of Traditions and Colors & CCE Orientation

GOENKANS celebrated “The Harvest of Colors and Traditions” with contemporary Playback Theatre, Musical Dance-Drama and colorful presentations to celebrate Ram Navami & Baisakhi. The kids participated with bursting zeal to make the celebration into a grand spectacle. They had invited their parents to experience this event and revel in the glory of their performances. The guests were received by the school choir who sang ‘Swagatam’ with much tune and melody; as the principal lit the lamp. They also sang ‘Hosanna’ & the Ram-Stuti to honor the occasion. However, the highlight of the show was the Dance-Drama on Baisakhi and “Valmiki Ramayana”. All the participants danced the Bhangra & the Gidda as ‘The Establishment of The Khalsa’ was narrated. The Ram Story Narration, which stole the show, was dramatized with the help of a contemporary theatre technique called The Playback Theatre. The kids narrated this with dupattas & performed it in a musical rap. GDGISU concluded the event with a CCE presentation to orient the 9th Graders & their parents.

Annual Sports Meet & ‘Journey’- The Annual Presentation

Nov-Dec, 2015 was the time for annual presentation of the school. The kids participated zealously in races, cross country, high jump, long jump, disc throw, etc. They even hosted the march past and leant the discipline of being a good sports’ person. There were races based on inter-house levels and all houses provided winners in one or the other category. The annual sports meet was a two day event and it was made sure that all the kids got an equal chance to participate in all the events organized at the school’s field.

The annual cultural presentation was themed on the journey of humanity from Stone Age to the modern 21st century and was a unique one at that. ‘Journey’ as it was called was an entertaining event hosted by the school. Each class was given a century/era to showcase. The event was spread across the school and the guests/parents had to literally ‘Journey’ through the eras from the start and watch the demonstrations put up by the kids. Grade 1 & 2 were the dinosaurs as grade 3 was discovering wheels and fire in the stone age; grade 4 showing the Egyptian civilization; as the journey went on till grade 8 who showcased the period of science and technology after India gained independence. The event was concluded with parents’ teachers’ interaction in the lawns along with dinner. The kids showed mass participation and enthusiasm as the parents cheered and doted on them.

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