Principal Message

“Each child is unique in his or her own way and has the capability to become a successful and more importantly a good human being”.

This is the philosophy that we follow at G D Goenka International School, Udaipur and we consider it as our duty to respect and nurture each and every child and bring out the best in them.Children are like clean slates and it is indeed a humbling thought and an amazing opportunity to work with these energetic, inquisitive and infinitely impressionable young beings who are a powerhouse of creativity.

At GDGISU we ensure a step by step development of our children by giving them a holistic environment right from the time they step into the campus. Nestled in the city of lakes, Udaipur, G D Goenka International School Udaipur finds itself amid the lush green Arravali hills where the children feel a deep connection with nature, helping them to explore and discover new things and get more and more imaginative with their thoughts.

We understand what a huge responsibility it is to hone such beautiful little individuals and to fulfill the same we meticulously hand-pick our faculty from all over India and abroad making sure they are well versed with not only the subject that they teach but are also trained to identify and bring out the natural talent of our wards. Each child is an artist, and to ensure that he or she gets an opportunity to express his or her creativity we offer a wide variety of co curricular activities such as Music, Dance, Language skills, sports, socially productive activities and many other skills through various clubs. These activities are designed in a way to compliment the curriculum and through each of the programs the children learn something new.

We aim to develop individuals who are mutli-faceted and are aware of their responsibility towards making the world a better place by being instruments of change and come out spotless and shining in the process. Love and compassion for children, a deep concern for their future and focus on their holistic development defines us.

Our children are our strength and challenge us at each step to become better. Dedicated towards crafting better lives!

About Goenka Group

Welcome to GD Goenka International School. Holistic education is our theme and we aim for a perfect synthesis of ancient and modern; Indian and international; traditional and innovatory techniques.

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G.D. Goenka International School - Udaipur, Fernio Ka Gurha Badi, Udaipur – 313001, Rajasthan, India.